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The GOJJJ is not only focused on its tours and recordings. It has multiple missions, educational, cultural and also philosophical. Our conductor Jean-Jacques Justafre, himself renown as one of the most prominent French Horn player, has recorded and collaborated with numerous pioneers of several genres such as Michel Legrand, Eric Serra, Franck Zappa, Jerry lewis, Ron Carter, Dizzy Gillespie, N'Guyen Lee and many more. Thereby JJ Justrafre is very open towards all styles of music. As he always says "there are only two genres of music, the good and the bad". The GOJJJ then launches it own monthly magazine under the name of GOJJJ Magazine in June 2017. It has the particularity to focuses on international artists as well as independent unknown musicians (who most of the time need a little push in their career). The magazine counts about 30 pages including two pages of new artists picked by the Board Members who deserve a focus (GOJJJ Discovery), one page of legal advice for Entertainment, news of the Orchestra and an entire chapter dedicated to music equipment and its latest news. Always open to new technologies, The GOJJJ follows the evolution and launches it's own Social Network called GOJJJ Connect, planned for early 2018. It will combine the strengh of the classic Social Networks with the particularity of being dedicated to federating artists of all horizons with people from the music industry. In order to enlarge its audience and community, GOJJJ Broadcast Channel will be launched in December 2017. It will be the on line TV channel of the Orchestra. GOJJJ-BC will be 100% on line streaming with scheduled programs, concerts of the Orchestra from around the world, documentaries about many different topics around music, interviews, discovery of new artists, music videos...