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 Along with its busy touring and recording schedule, the GOJJJ is available to hire for commercial recordings, film soundtracks, jingles and video games. The GOJJJ has participated to a certain numbers of studio recording for - film companies, classical composers and producers, pop producers, computer game developers and library music. The GOJJJ can match all your expectations as it is totally independent in terms of recording structure. In collaborating with a few music producers around the world, The Orchestra works within a large network of recording studios worldwide. The GOJJJ is very flexible and adaptable to your needs. The number of players from full orchestras to smaller ensembles and always top players for non-orchestral instruments if needed. No matter what your specific requirements are, you can rely on the world-class GOJJJ Modern Paris Symphony to the success of your recording. 1- A World Class Orchestra The GOJJJ Modern Paris Symphony doesn't need to be introduced – Everything is in the title. As there is the Paris Classical Symphony, there is the Modern Symphony, one of the best modern orchestras in the world on stage as in studio, always number one for modern repertoires and performances. The world famous Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Live Orchestral in Paris Le Chatelet (2012) is a huge testimony of the status of the chosen orchestra by such artists. 2 - Self-administrated The GOJJJ is self-administrated and several of the Board of Directors are playing members. The advantage of this system is that if there are any issues during the recording sessions, or technical issues, the Board Members can take decisions to find solutions. When you hire a freelance orchestra, musicians do not have any specific relationship the company. 3 - Flexible rates The GOJJJ does not apply a standard rate as every enquiry and project is different and is looked at on a case-by-case basis.